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What Does a NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

July 20, 2021

As you will see at Hoyt & Hoyt, we see ourselves as having two roles to fulfill for you:

  1. As your best friend and fiercely loyal advocate in the law, and
  2. Your thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced representative in “the system.”

We will be by your side, protecting you.

When someone else’s negligence causes you to suffer an avoidable injury, you may not know what to do next. You might have growing medical bills, be out of work, and regularly experience devasting pain from your injury. All of this can be very overwhelming, especially for people who need to care for families and children. If you are considering hiring an attorney in NJ to talk about your legal options, you are probably wondering what a personal injury lawyer can do to help someone like you?

Understanding the Role of a NJ Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident in NJ, Hoyt & Hoyt will help you recover in several ways.

At first, we will listen to the details of your story and then give you legal advice based on the strength of your case. This will include a prediction of the likely outcome of the case.

Let’s look at the key steps Hoyt & Hoyt takes to help you achieve justice.

Explain the Law and Represent You in Court

We will explain your legal rights in the state of New Jersey so that it is easy to understand and follow along. If your case goes to court, we will formally represent you during legal proceedings and discussions with insurance companies. We will act as your representative in conversations with any opposing party so that you can move on faster.

Help You Recover Damages

We will help you recover economic and non-economic losses associated with your injury. They will provide you with a prediction of the likelihood of recovering damages like:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Cost of a caregiver
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain & suffering

Provide Investigation into your Case

A personal injury lawyer is a very valuable asset if you have suffered an injury. We will complete a thorough investigation into the incident to gather and preserve evidence for future negotiations and trial. The investigation process might involve:

  • Photographing the scene of a car accident.
  • Hiring an outside expert to examine and give an opinion on scientific evidence.
  • Finding and interviewing potential witnesses.

The investigation may also include referring a client to a specific medical professional for an evaluation of their injuries to be used later in court. You should hire an attorney soon after an accident to preserve evidence that might be destroyed, such as security footage, witness, recollections, etc.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Another vital role a NJ personal injury lawyer performs is contacting the insurance companies attempting to avoid paying for your expenses. An experienced lawyer such as Hoyt & Hoyt can help you negotiate with difficult insurance companies to make sure that you recover the most amount of money. Jack Hoyt is a graduate of the Harvard Law School Negotiation Project and can help you regain that balance thanks to his decades of experience formerly representing insurance companies. He understands the tricks insurance companies play to avoid paying claims and is ready to stand up to them and help you achieve justice.

The Injury that Happened to You Wasn’t Fair–We’ll Help You Make It Right

Hoyt & Hoyt can help you to navigate your case and get the fair compensation that you deserve. We understand that personal injuries have devastating consequences, and you should not suffer because of someone else’s negligence. Attorney Jack Hoyt will streamline and simplify the legal process so that you are informed, updated, and compensated fairly.

Contact Hoyt & Hoyt at (973) 490-4844 about your personal injury case today.

FAQs About Personal Injury Representation

Q. Do you always file suit against the person who caused an injury or is there some other way to handle it?

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