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Examples of Traumatic Brain Injury

Experienced New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney Helps Clients Suffering from Common Types of Head and Brain Trauma in Morris County and Essex County, NJ

Brain injuries typically appear as memory loss (short term), trouble concentrating, trouble finding words when speaking, multi-tasking and depression/sadness. People with brain injuries usually look fine and think CT scan/MRIs are normal (because the damage occurs on a microscopic level).

The brain is a soft, fragile organ protected by 7.1 millimeters of bone. When a trauma to the head occurs, it doesn’t take much to fracture the skull and potentially damage the intricate network of neurons that the skull protects. So vulnerable is the brain that even when a head injury doesn’t break the skull, a blow to the head or violent impact can cause the brain to smash against the inside of the skull, resulting in bruises, bleeding, and swelling.

The brain animates our bodies and gives us the ability to participate in the world consciously. It gives us the ability to think logically, recall cherished memories, socially connect, create, and have empathy and compassion. Optimally, a healthy, undamaged brain creates a neurological environment that allows us to enjoy our lives. When brain or head trauma occur, however, a productive, fulfilling life can change in an instant. When brain or head trauma results from another’s negligence or recklessness, legal monetary remedies may be available for the injuries caused.

What Constitutes a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A brain injury occurs when brain cells are microscopically damaged, 2.6 million people endure brain injuries every year. This can be catastrophic to an accident victim because the loss of healthy brain function can be the most devastating of all the bodies’ potential injuries. When you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, quality of life is likely to be compromised and the ability to function independently may be impaired forever.

Here are some facts about brain injuries in New Jersey:

  • 15,000 NJ residents suffer some type of brain injury every year.
  • 1,000 NJ residents die annually because of traumatic brain injury.
  • 175,000 NJ residents live with traumatic brain injury disabilities.

Here are some facts about brain injuries in the US:

  • 2.6 million people suffer some type of brain injury yearly.
  • 52,000 Americans die annually because of traumatic brain injury.
  • 5 million individuals suffering from traumatic brain injuries require assistance with daily living activities.

Common Causes and Types of Traumatic Brain Injury in Morris County, NJ

A traumatic brain injury can occur in many different ways. Here are some common causes of brain and head injuries in New Jersey:

There are a few major types of brain injuries that accident victims can suffer from:

Brain Contusion: When a hard object strikes the head, the brain may reverberate within the skull and cause a bruise (contusion). A cerebral contusion can be mild or severe, and symptoms of the injury might not be immediately noticeable. After the head is hit hard, internal bleeding and swelling may occur, which can further damage the brain. A medical evaluation must be performed immediately to determine if treatment to relieve pressure on brain tissue or to stem bleeding is necessary. A mild contusion may not cause any permanent damage, while a severe contusion can damage vital functions of the brain.

Concussion: A concussion is when multiple cerebral contusions stem from the same cause, such as vehicle accidents; sports incidents; or slips, trips, and falls. When a mild or severe concussion occurs, evaluation by a medical professional is critical to avoid further damage and to ensure that the victim receives appropriate medical treatment.

Penetrating or Perforating Brain Injuries: As a result of a skull fracture from a high-impact blow to the head, pieces of bone may penetrate or perforate the brain. This type of brain injury is possibly the most serious, with parts of the fragile brain tissue being impacted. With such injuries, long-term or even lifelong damage can occur, prohibiting the victim from functioning normally again.

Treatment and Rehabilitation for Head and Brain Injuries in New Jersey Can Cost Millions

When you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, treatment and care can cost millions of dollars, especially when considered over a lifetime. Besides immediate medical bills, the other types of care necessary for a head injury victim may include:

  • Physical/occupational therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Hygiene assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Home modifications
  • Home nursing care
  • Home modifications
  • Assistive apparatus
  • Medications
  • Neuropsychological treatment

You May Be Entitled to Monetary Recovery Beyond Direct Medical and Therapeutic Expenses

When you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury, your life has probably changed forever. Besides coverage for all the medical and therapeutic treatments you’ll need, you may be able to win compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life. Or when a loved one has tragically died because of a brain injury, the surviving family may be entitled to wrongful death compensation. Often the recovery is in the millions of dollars.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury because of someone’s negligence or recklessness, it’s important to hire a New Jersey personal injury attorney who has the experience and resources needed to fight insurance companies, hire investigators, depose witnesses, and pursue monetary compensation through the civil courts in Morris County, Essex County, or elsewhere in NJ.

The Experienced Parsippany Brain Injury Attorney at Hoyt & Hoyt Will Seek Justice for You

The NJ brain injury attorneys at Hoyt & Hoyt help victims of traumatic brain injury in Boonton, Newton, Hackettstown, Dover, Denville Morris Township, Morristown, Mount Olive Township, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Randolph, Rockaway, Roxbury, and throughout New Jersey.

Don’t delay when it comes to speaking with an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney. NJ statutes of limitations set restrictive time limits on when you can file a claim. Moreover, they could soon expire in your case, leaving you without a way to be compensated for your brain injuries.

Contact us now before it’s too late. Morris County personal injury attorney John Hoyt will personally evaluate your case and remain mindful of the trauma that you and your loved ones have endured. Simply call him today at (973) 718-7744 for a quick response. Or submit your claim using the online contact form.

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