Ford Says “Do Not Drive” One of These 33,000 Pickup Trucks

March 28, 2018

Ford Motor Company recently issued a warning to the owners of around 33,000 2006 Ford Ranger pickup trucks that they should not drive their vehicles until a potentially defective airbag inflation system can be repaired. The warning comes after a similar warning was issued to 2,900 Ford Ranger owners following two deaths that were linked… [ Read More ]

3d Printing Leads To Complications With Product Liability

October 13, 2016

Sometimes, when new technology emerges, the law can’t keep up with it. That’s the case with the new 3D printing technique. This technology allows people to print a variety of items at home. Some people have created guns, prostheses and even jet engine parts. What’s difficult about this technology is that product liability law doesn’t… [ Read More ]

Driverless Vehicles Who Faces The Blame In A Crash

September 16, 2016

Technology has a way of changing the way the world works, and the law can be affected by those changes. One of the newest technological advances is the driverless vehicle, which has room for a driver but does not necessarily need to have someone drive it manually. What happens in a case where a person… [ Read More ]

Dangerous Falling Furniture Protecting Your Children

July 19, 2016

Furniture injuries can lead to a child facing broken bones or even being crushed. Recently, Ikea recalled furniture items because they could tip if they weren’t anchored to the walls. Furniture hazards aren’t new to Ikea or other companies; they aren’t limited to recalls, either. It’s been shown that over 25,000 children are injured every… [ Read More ]

What Is Product Liability And How Does It Affect Your Case

June 24, 2016

If you’re hurt using a product you bought at a retail location or other store, you likely want to be compensated for your medical bills and know that others won’t be hurt by the same product’s defects. What is product liability, though, and how will it affect your case? What is product liability? Product liability… [ Read More ]

Family Wins 8 Million Verdict For Death Of 7 Month Old Child

March 29, 2016

If you’re familiar with the Evenflo brand, you may be a parent or know someone who is. This brand provides things like bottles and mattress pads; things most small babies and children will need at some point. These items should be safe for children, but sometimes there are defects or problems that make them too… [ Read More ]

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