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Because the vulnerable head and fragile brain are easily susceptible to injury, brain trauma is considered one of the leading causes of death. In fact, nearly three million Americans experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) yearly, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Although a brain injury can happen in most any circumstance in New Jersey, a brain injury is more likely to occur to someone on the job when they are exposed to dangerous elements and unsafe conditions. Some brain injuries can be as mild as a concussion from which a victim may fully recover. The more serious TBIs, however, can cause impaired thinking or memory, motor disability, loss of hearing, personality changes, and depression.

Causes of Workplace Traumatic Brain Injury in New Jersey

When the head, protected by a skull that is just 7.1 millimeters thick, is hit hard an injury to the brain may occur. The worst brain injuries, TBIs, are estimated to total $60 billion in direct medical costs and indirect costs such as lost work productivity.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the most common private workplace injuries occur in the construction and natural resources (paper, oil, gas, minerals) industries. In the public sector, firefighters and maintenance workers are highly likely to receive head injuries. TBIs can also be caused in an office slip, trip, or fall; in a company vehicle accident; and because of defective equipment.

Common Workplaces for Traumatic Brain Injuries in NJ:

Construction Sites: According to the CDC, the construction industry has the highest number of fatal and nonfatal TBIs, with the most common being falls from heights. On construction sites, an employee can get in the head by heavy equipment, moving vehicles, metal beams, or falling objects, as well as suffering a head injury in other high-risk accidents.

Oil and Gas Extraction Industries: Exposure to hydrocarbon gases and vapors and low-oxygen atmospheres can cause loss of consciousness and brain injury through toxicity and deprivation of oxygen. Workers in these industries may also suffer traumatic brain injuries from explosions causing percussive or direct head damage.

Firefighters: By the nature of their work, a firefighter often enters dangerous buildings where debris from burning objects, falling ladders, and equipment may fall on or hit their head. Or, as they are rescuing fire victims, the firefighter may trip and fall, causing a TBI. While en route to a fire, especially with their seat belts unrestrained, firefighters may be involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in a head injury.

Truck, Bus, Limousine, Delivery Vehicle Drivers: Employees who suffered a traumatic brain injury while on the job and driving a company vehicle may be entitled to monetary recovery both through workers’ compensation and a personal injury lawsuit against a third party. Many stipulations and laws govern these conditions, so it is best to consult with a knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney.

Other Types of TBI Workplace Incidents: Slip, trip, and fall accidents are some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries and can happen anywhere on the job. Inside and outside the nicest office or corporate establishment, an employee may trip on a torn carpet, raised flooring, unexpected objects, cracked pavement, snow, ice, or liquid spills. Too often, these types of accidents cause an employee’s head to hit the floor or an object and result in a TBI.

New Jersey Workers Compensation Disability Compensation

Regardless of how a traumatic brain injury occurs while performing work-related activities or tasks, employees in New Jersey are entitled to protection under both workers’ compensation benefits and, in many cases, personal injury civil lawsuits. Laws created in 1970 under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) govern and enforce standards that require employers in NJ and elsewhere in the United States to provide safe and healthy workplaces for employees. (LINK TO When an employer violates OSHA standards and preventable (or even unforeseen) accidents occur, the employer can be held responsible for employee injuries and fatalities.

In New Jersey, especially when a job-related TBI prevents an employee from returning to work, the employee may be entitled to temporary or permanent disability payments. NJ workers’ compensation grants monetary awards for both partial and total permanent work-related disabilities. However, because employers pay into the workers’ compensation program, they may fight you and contest your workers’ comp claim. That’s why you should speak with a qualified lawyer before proceeding with your case.

Beyond Workers’ Compensation Disability for Brain Injuries in NJ

If your traumatic brain injury expenses exceed what workers’ compensation is required to pay, you may need to file a personal injury civil lawsuit to cover your present monetary losses and expenses now, as well as for future medical care.

Winning monetary compensation for workplace traumatic brain injuries can be complicated and confusing. Even if you’ve already filed a workers’ compensation claim for a traumatic workplace brain injury, or if a loved one was made incompetent or died because of a work-related brain injury, it is critical to hire an attorney who knows the complexities of recovering the full compensation to which employees are entitled by law. And when a personal injury lawsuit is necessary to fully compensate you, or a loved one, for a TBI, a qualified New Jersey workplace TBI attorney is what’s required.

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