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NJ New Jersey personal injury attorney Represents Clients Treated for Mild TBI at the Kessler Institute for Brain Rehabilitation and the JFK Medical Center in Edison

As a person who is suffering the life-altering effects of a brain injury caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person or company, your focus should be on healing and recovery. Because a brain-injured person may have lost some, or all, of their mental functions, it is critical that the highest level of medical and rehabilitative care be provided to maximize the healthiest possible restoration of the brain. The brain controls not only a person’s ability to think and reason, but also the body’s motor functioning. Without a healthy brain, a sufferer’s life can be catastrophically diminished, negatively affecting the victim and their family forever.

The impact of a brain injury is not only medical and emotional but also financial. In fact, the financial toll can of a serious brain injury be devastating. Without the resources and means needed to cover the costs of brain injury rehabilitation, the chances for optimal healing may be limited. That’s why it is imperative that anyone being treated for a traumatic brain injury at the Kessler Institute for Brain Rehabilitation in West Orange, NJ or at the JFK Medical Center in Edison, NJ talk to a qualified attorney at Hoyt & Hoyt immediately.

West Orange TBI Lawyers for Brain Injury Victims Can Help Eliminate the Financial Concerns of Recovery

If you or a loved one has endured brain damage caused by a third party, choosing a law firm skilled in monetary wins from insurance companies and through personal injury lawsuits may be critical for regaining your quality of life. The truth is that you are probably going to need a skilled legal advocate to handle the complex issues that can arise in a New Jersey brain injury case. Satisfactory financial resolution to TBI cases typically demands the knowledge, resources, and skill of an experienced brain injury attorney.

What Is a Traumatic Brain or “Closed Head” Injury?

A traumatic brain injury is caused by an external force, such as a blow to the head or a penetration of the brain by a foreign object. Typical symptoms include:

  • Short-term memory loss
  • Trouble concentrating or reading
  • Trouble finding words
  • Difficulty staying organized or staying “on task”
  • Depression/crying
  • Victim appears normal
  • CT/MRI are normal

The most common causes of traumatic brain injuries in the United States are slip-and-fall accidents, with motor vehicle accidents close behind. Traumatic brain injuries can also be caused by falling objects, falls from heights at construction sites, and physical assault due to inadequate security. A severe blow to the head may cause the fragile brain, which is the consistency of jello, to move inside the skull and bang against its hard, bony interior. When enough force is exerted on the skull, the microscopic fibers of the brain, axons, and neurons will bruise, tear, or break and damage or destroy vital connections. Closed head injuries usually are diffused throughout the brain, causing multiple areas of damage that impact all or some functions of thinking, language, memory, and motor function.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries That Send Victims to the Kessler Institute in West Orange and JFK Medical Center in Edison, NJ

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) have many causes, including:

How much medical attention and rehabilitation will be necessary for optimal recovery depends upon the severity of brain damage, which can be classified at one of three levels:

  1. Mild brain damage, often caused by a concussion, is usually short term and temporary and may cause symptoms such as confusion, nausea, headaches, and memory lapses.
  2. Moderate brain damage may have symptoms similar to mild damage, but the symptoms can persist longer and manifest in a more pronounced manner.
  3. Serious brain damage can cause a lifetime of debilitating cognitive problems and motor dysfunction. Brain injury victims who are in a coma or a minimally responsive state are likely to have some type of permanent brain damage.

In the cases of mild and moderate brain damage, patients typically can return to normal functioning with the proper medical and rehabilitative treatment.

When a person has suffered serious brain damage, they may not ever be able to return to their normal life and will require permanent assistance with daily living activities and prolonged medical care. The financial requirement of such a high level of care is unmanageable for the average person. Also, if the seriously brain-injured person is unable to be gainfully employed after the injury, the income loss and inability to support oneself will make life even more difficult.

The Kessler Institute and JFK Center for Brain Injuries Provide a High Level of Rehabilitation Critical for Optimal Recovery

Both the Kessler Institute in West Orange, NJ and the JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in Edison, NJ treat every type of brain injury, from minor to severe. Moreover, the doctors at these medical facilities are recognized as experts in the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of brain-injured sufferers. The brain trauma and extended recovery units and cognitive rehabilitative care centers at these facilities can help to provide whatever healing is possible for a brain injury victim in New Jersey.

Personal Injury Lawyers at Hoyt & Hoyt Represent Brain Injury Victims Treated for TBI at the Kessler Institute in West Orange & the JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in Edison, NJ

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, medical concerns should be the primary focus. Dealing with an insurance company, their powerful attorneys, and, if necessary, the civil courts isn’t something you should add to your burden.

When you hire the New Jersey personal injury law firm of Hoyt & Hoyt, we’ll negotiate with the insurance company and secure maximum compensation for your brain injury. Keep in mind that the primary goal of the insurance company is to pay the least amount of money for your injury and property damage claims. Adjusters are skilled in techniques to minimize your claim value or outright deny your claim. As experienced NJ brain injury attorneys, we won’t allow the insurance company or their lawyers to take advantage of you. If your case can’t be adequately settled through the insurance company, Hoyt & Hoyt will assemble the necessary medical, accident, and economic experts to fairly evaluate the value of your claim and pursue fair monetary recovery through the civil court process.

Without a skilled, experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney, your chances of winning a fair settlement may be significantly reduced. Call the Hoyt & Hoyt law firm today at (973) 718-7744 for a personal consultation. If you are unable to visit our Morristown office or our New Brunswick office, we will be happy to visit you at home or in a facility. Our consultation and case evaluation is free, and there is never any upfront cost.

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