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If you have been injured due to medical malpractice or negligence by a treating healthcare professional in New Brunswick, NJ, you may be entitled to compensation under New Jersey law. Although victims of medical malpractice often feel uncomfortable with bringing a lawsuit against their physician, the reality is that many healthcare professionals in New Jersey are overworked, undertrained, or simply fail to perform the necessary due diligence when evaluating a patient. These negligent acts can expose the patient to serious risk of injury, or even death.

The experienced attorneys at Hoyt & Hoyt, P.C. are aggressive advocates for medical malpractice victims in New Brunswick and elsewhere in Middlesex County, New Jersey. We understand the challenges of such litigation, as well as the necessity for comprehensive and client-oriented legal representation to ensure that the medical malpractice victim can obtain the damages to which they are entitled. Contact us today to speak to an experienced New Brunswick New Jersey personal injury attorney for assistance. You can also schedule a free consultation at our office in New Brunswick, NJ.

What Qualifies as Medical Malpractice in New Brunswick, New Jersey?

In New Jersey, and in other states, plaintiffs are entitled to damages for medical malpractice if they can show that the defendant was medically negligent. Medical negligence occurs when the defendant healthcare professional violates the applicable standard of care.

The standard of care applies to most New Brunswick personal injury claims. Generally speaking, the standard of care establishes the sort of behavior that would be reasonable given the circumstances. If the defendant acted unreasonably given the circumstances and exposed the plaintiff to a heightened risk of injury, then the defendant can be found liable.

The standard of care varies from case to case, however, and depends on a number of factors: the age of the healthcare professional, the training/experience/specialization of the healthcare professional, the location, the medical condition at issue, and more. If a similarly qualified healthcare professional would have acted differently in the same circumstances, then the defendant may be deemed medically negligent.

For example, suppose that you are very sick and you go to your physician’s office. The physician believes that you should “rest” and that no tests are necessary. You go home, and the condition is exacerbated, causing you to suffer injuries. During litigation, your attorney would probably want to show that physicians with similar qualifications would have referred you to a specialized healthcare professional or performed diagnostic tests to determine your condition.

Common Medical Malpractice Scenarios in New Brunswick, NJ

There is an enormous range of negligent (or otherwise wrongful conduct) that can give rise to medical malpractice claims in New Brunswick, NJ, including:

    • Misdiagnosis
    • Delayed diagnosis
    • Birth injuries
    • Failure to refer patient to specialized healthcare professionals
    • Negligent management (i.e., scheduling issues, inadequate maintenance, etc.)
    • Failure to sterilize medical equipment
    • Failure to monitor patient
    • Failure to order necessary tests

The Hoyt & Hoyt Advantage in New Brunswick Medical Malpractice Cases

Here at Hoyt & Hoyt, P.C. in New Brunswick, NJ, our attorneys have decades of experience handling a range of personal injury lawsuits, including those that involve medical malpractice claims. We understand the contours of a typical NJ medical malpractice claim, from the perspective of both sides of the lawsuit — insurer and plaintiff. As such, we are well-equipped to persuasively argue on your behalf while undermining the defense.

When bringing a civil action — medical malpractice or otherwise — success means more than just proving that the defendant is liable. You’ll have to introduce supporting evidence for the damages that you wish to secure. Otherwise, you might find that the jury lowballs your compensation. Here at Hoyt & Hoyt, P.C., our results are proof of the quality of our legal advocacy for victims of medical negligence in New Brunswick. We have a long and consistent track record of success in securing substantial verdicts and settlements in New Jersey medical malpractice actions.

Contact Our Experienced New Brunswick Northern* New Jersey personal injury attorneys for a Free Consultation

If you have suffered injuries in a medical malpractice scenario in New Brunswick, then New Jersey law may give you a right of action for damages against the defendant. Medical malpractice litigation is fraught with challenges, however, because medical malpractice defendants are often quite aggressive in fighting against lawsuits so as to discourage others from bringing similar actions. Moreover, the defendants often have access to substantial industry resources. As such, you’ll want to work with a team of NJ Northern* New Jersey personal injury attorneys who have extensive experience handling such claims and who understand the ins and outs of New Jersey medical malpractice litigation.

Call us anytime or submit an online case form to schedule a free and confidential consultation with an attorney at Hoyt & Hoyt, P.C. in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We will evaluate your claims and determine how best to proceed with litigation to secure maximum compensation on your behalf.

About New Brunswick, NJ

New Brunswick is a medium-sized city located in Middlesex County (in the northeastern portion of New Jersey), a relatively close distance from Manhattan. Depending on your form of transportation, it only takes half-an-hour to travel between New Brunswick and the heart of New York City, NY. Although New Brunswick is not a major metropolitan area from a population perspective — recent estimates put the total population at roughly 57,000 — it is a well-connected and important center of commerce in the northern New Jersey context.

In fact, New Brunswick is commonly known as a “healthcare hub” and hosts significant healthcare centers such as the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital, Saint Peter’s University Hospital, and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, among many others. New Brunswick also serves as the national headquarters of healthcare industry stalwarts such as Johnson & Johnson and various other health technology companies.

Despite its positive reputation as a cutting-edge healthcare city, New Brunswick healthcare providers are not perfect —negligence and wrongful misconduct at an individual provider level (and at a management/organizational level) may occur.

Here at Hoyt & Hoyt, P.C., we operate a New Jersey office out of New Brunswick, making us easily accessible to residents of Middlesex County, NJ. If you would like to speak to one of our New Brunswick Northern* New Jersey personal injury attorneys, call or email today.

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