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Side-impact vehicle collisions are one of the most unexpected, shocking, and dangerous traffic accidents. Commonly called a T-bone accident—because the 90-degree impact resembles the letter “T”—a side-impact collision typically crushes the driver or passenger side. Between the offending vehicle and the victim vehicle occupants, only a door and window absorb the crash. Unlike other types of motor vehicle accidents, where dense metal structures, bumpers, an engine, trunk, and seats may provide a somewhat protective cushion, virtually nothing protects the occupants in a side collision.

Usually, in a side-impact accident, the driver has no warning and no chance to react to the impending vehicle disaster. Even if the driver sees the approaching vehicle, which is often speeding, there’s not enough time to get out of the way. And the injuries suffered in a T-bone crash could be devastating. That’s why you need to speak with the skilled car accident attorneys at Hoyt & Hoyt in Morristown and New Brunswick today to discuss your NJ T-bone collision case. We represent car crash victims throughout Morris County and Middlesex County, including Morristown, Parsippany, Denville, Mount Olive, New Brunswick, Edison, and Woodbridge, NJ.

Serious Injuries Suffered in T-Bone Accidents on NJ Roads and Highways

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 40 percent of auto accidents occur in intersection collisions. A recent Department of Transportation (DOT) study reported that over 6,600 New Jersey intersection crashes occur annually.

Even though you may have been responsibly following traffic laws and proceeding cautiously through a green light at an intersection, or perhaps you had the right of way at a stop sign, an irresponsible, reckless driver plowed through, causing you and your vehicle to sustain massive damage. Or maybe you were injured in a side-impact collision when a driver tried to go around you, failed to notice your turn signal, and hit the side of your car. These types of collisions may be caused by a distracted or intoxicated driver or by someone who isn’t as concerned about motorist safety as you are.

How to Prove Fault in a New Jersey T-Bone Accident

It’s not always the fault of a driver when a side-impact collision occurs. For example, a manufacturer’s brake defect could prevent a driver from braking in time to avoid a collision. In those cases, the vehicle manufacturer may be monetarily responsible for damages suffered in a side-impact accident.

Regardless of how the side-impact collision happened, when you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a T-bone accident, you have a legal right to monetary compensation — not only for your medical expenses but also for related costs. That’s because, in New Jersey, driving is a privilege. And with that privilege comes a responsibility to exercise reasonable care to prevent harm to the public.

Proving the at-fault driver’s negligence or recklessness may require qualified investigators to review road debris, property damage, skid marks or lack thereof, toxicology reports, medical records, expert witnesses, and on-the-scene witness testimony, when available.

When Is It Time to Hire a Denville Auto Accident Attorney?

New Jersey no-fault accident laws require your own auto insurance to pay your medical expenses, and nothing beyond that. This means that if you have no means to cover your other resultant accident expenses, you may be in trouble. For instance, if medical auto insurance coverage is the only compensation you get from a serious side-impact vehicle accident, you and your passengers could face exorbitant, unmanageable expenses for extended medical, rehabilitative, and other types of care. Beyond your auto insurance policy’s compensatory limitations, you may be on your own to pay for the necessary costs of your recovery and loss of income.

And unless you access your monetary rights under a personal injury civil lawsuit recovery, you and your passengers could be left devastated.

A Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim and Personal Injury Lawsuit Preparation Take Money and Time

To effectively settle with an insurance company and prepare a personal injury lawsuit after you or a loved one has been injured in a T-bone accident requires extensive investigation, skilled negotiation, and timely filing of applicable documents.

Because the average person doesn’t know how to prepare this type of case and fight for their own monetary rights, a qualified, knowledgeable NJ car accident attorney should be hired to prove that the at-fault driver, vehicle manufacturer, or company failed to exercise the reasonable care required to avoid your preventable T-bone accident.

Hoyt & Hoyt Car Accident Lawyers Are in Your New Jersey Neighborhood

While you could try to handle your own case for monetary compensation for a side-impact accident you didn’t cause, a Denville personal injury lawyer can help ensure that you receive your rightful, maximum compensation allowed by the law for all relevant accident expenses, lost wages both present and future, and more.

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New Jersey statute of limitations laws restrict the time allowed to file vehicle accident and personal injury claims, so don’t delay. Contact Hoyt & Hoyt today at (973) 718-7744 for the quickest response so we can get started fighting for you. Or send your story to us in the online contact form.

Additionally, our Denville T-bone accident attorneys only get paid after you get paid. When we win your T-bone accident case, we are paid a pre-agreed percentage of your settlement. If we don’t win your monetary recovery, you pay us nothing. Moreover, if we take you on as a client, we advance all costs for your case preparation.

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