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For optimal safe vehicle operation, a driver must exhibit vigilant focus. However, that focus can be impacted by what’s immediately in front of the driver, as well as by what’s going on ahead of and around the vehicle. Almost everyone is in a rush to get where they’re going. Too often, a safe distance isn’t kept between cars – this is known as tailgating – and a sudden stop of the front car may cause a rear-end impact. For instance, another accident ahead on the roadway, road debris, or typical rush-hour traffic hazards can’t always be anticipated and may lead to a multi-car pileup. Or when an impatient driver suddenly switches lanes to avoid stalled traffic, they may underestimate the required space to weave between cars and crash into the car ahead.

Anyone involved in a read-end accident in Morris County, Essex County, Middlesex County, or anywhere else in New Jersey should speak with a qualified Parsippany personal injury lawyer before speaking with the insurance company. Contact Hoyt & Hoyt today to discuss your legal options.

Rear-End Accidents and Liability in New Jersey

New Jersey law N.J.S.A. 39:4-89 mandates that drivers must keep a safe distance between vehicles. If this law is not followed, the rear driver in an accident is usually considered negligent and blamed for the collision. Chapter five of the NJ Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s Manual states that motorists must keep one car length between their vehicle and another vehicle for every 10 miles per hour of speed, putting the responsibility on the rear driver. But there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, when the front driver aggressively, intentionally slams on the brakes, the accident may be their fault. And if the front driver hits another vehicle and caused a rear-end collision, there may be some question about who is culpable for the accident. Another consideration for who is at fault may include whether a driver suddenly hit the brakes because of road hazards, defects, or an object in the road.

Increasingly, as mobile technology has become an integral part of society, rear-end collisions have become more frequent. The increasingly common distractions of programming a GPS system, talking on a cell phone—even hands-free phone—and perhaps worst of all, texting while driving, have all caused a significant increase in rear-end collisions on New Jersey roads and highways.

And the “old fashioned” causes of rear-end collisions still occur, including eating and drinking, sudden braking because of an animal or object in the road, broken taillights, attending to a child or pet in the vehicle, conversations with passengers, and “highway hypnosis” where your brain is automatically following a route without your conscious participation. Unfortunately, even when a responsible driver is focused on the road, another vehicle may slam into their car from behind.

New Jersey Rear-End Collision Injuries: Mild, Serious, Fatal

More than 1.7 million rear-end collisions occur in the United States yearly and cause 500,000 non-fatal injuries, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Moreover, 17,000 rear-end accidents end in fatalities.

While some rear-end collisions may not seem that serious, the injuries caused by a rear-end crash can be life altering. In some cases, the damage may not be immediately obvious and could manifest over time. One of the more typical injuries caused by rear-end collisions is damage to the neck’s soft tissue. Upon rear-end impact, even at slow speeds, the impacted car’s inhabitants may be suddenly propelled forward. However, because a vehicle occupant is typically restrained by a seatbelt, the body may remain stationary while the head snaps and jerks, injuring the neck’s soft tissue. This type of rear-end collision injury has traditionally been called “whiplash,” a term that has gained negative attention because of too many false or exaggerated personal injury claims.

Astute, experienced, and effective personal injury attorneys may file such claims under the medical categories of hyperextension/hyperflexion, myofascial, neck sprain or strain, and cervical strain injuries. While these types of injuries can cause pain and reduced mobility, far more serious injuries can occur because of a rear-end collision. A rear-end collision can thrust a person through a windshield or cause them to impact a steering wheel or front panels so hard that they experience life-altering internal organ damage and bleeding, broken limbs and facial fractures, disfiguring lacerations, paralysis, and traumatic brain injuries.

Who’s to Blame for Rear-End Collisions on NJ Roads and Highways?

In newer vehicles where collision avoidance systems may fail, the injury liability might rest with the automobile manufacturer. An experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney can help the injury victim explore the possibility of filing a product liability claim for damages.

Because who’s at fault for a rear-end collision may be unclear and the rules governing blame are complex, contacting a Morristown attorney who’s experienced in both rear-end collision insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits is vitally important.

Even if the rear-end collision was an accident and the driver didn’t mean to hurt you, that doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, trauma, pain and suffering, lost wages, any necessary rehabilitation, and other accident-related expenses.

As a Victim of a Rear-End Collision in New Jersey, Are You Entitled to Monetary Compensation?

To learn what may be possible for monetary compensation for the car accident injuries you or a loved one endured because of a rear-end collision, including when a loved one has been killed, you should speak personally with a respectful, compassionate Parsippany personal injury attorney at Hoyt & Hoyt to learn whether you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

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