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The Commonality of Playground Injuries

June 10, 2019

playground injury lawyer morristown njGoing to the playground during or after school is not as safe as many parents think it is. Even though many will say kids will be kids, it’s just not a good saying when it comes to children being injured on the playground. Injuries from playground equipment can be serious, putting kids in casts for months at a time or even requiring surgery. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 200,000 injuries to children 14 and younger happen every year on playgrounds across the country. If your child happens to suffer an injury at a playground, it’s possible for the owner of the playground or management team to be held responsible for said injuries.

The Dangers of the Local Playground

Aside from kids getting germs from playing on equipment that other children have sneezed on or touched with dirty hands, there are plenty of other dangers of the local playground. Don’t get us wrong, the playground can be a great place for kids to wear themselves out, meet new friends, play with current friends, get fresh air and play fun games. But, if kids aren’t careful or if equipment isn’t cared for, they can suffer serious injuries. The injuries seen in hospitals every year, according to the CDC, include the following:

The majority of these injuries can easily be prevented with parental supervision, proper maintenance of the equipment, warning signs, safety inspections and following local and state codes to ensure equipment is built correctly.

Failure to Maintain Equipment

The failure to maintain equipment is one of the most common causes of injuries to children 14 and under on the playgrounds of America. Other concerns include failure to follow code and malfunctioning equipment at both public playgrounds and playgrounds on school properties or daycare centers. All local construction codes should be followed when building playground equipment in a public or private setting. This includes installing all railings that can be secured to elevated surfaces. The rails also need to have widths that prevent a child’s head or other limb from getting trapped.

When it comes to swings and other items that suspended above the ground, they should be free of wear and tear, rust, and corrosion. If any of these pieces exhibit the above they should be replaced immediately to avoid injury. Monkey bars should have wood chips or rubber mats installed on the ground underneath them since children can fall from them.

Preventing Injuries at Playgrounds

It is actually quite easy to prevent injuries at playgrounds. This begins with adult supervision. As a parent, you are the first line of defense. Check the equipment with your eyes before they begin playing to see if you can spot any missing parts or other issues that can lead to a piece of the playground breaking. Don’t take your children to the playground following rain, snow, or ice storms as the equipment will be slippery and can easily lead to an accident with injuries.

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