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A Short Guide To Negligence Suits And Motorcycle Drivers

January 29, 2020

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New Jersey Motorcycle Accident

People who ride motorcycles are statistically more likely to get into serious or fatal auto accidents than those in regular passenger vehicles. A lack of bodily protection and its relative light weight compared to cars and trucks puts both motorcycle operators and passengers at more risk, even when they are driving as cautiously as they can. But when a motorcyclist does not use safe driving practices and causes an accident, they have to not only deal with their own injuries, but possibly be liable for the property damage and injuries of others. Here is a short guide to negligence suits for motorcycle drivers.

Unsafe Driving Practices

The smaller size and higher maneuverability of a motorcycle means that a reckless operator can put themselves and others at risk through a number of behaviors. Due to a motorcycle’s small size, if the operator is speeding down a road or highway, other drivers are less likely to see them. They may also try to weave in and out of traffic in an unsafe manner, causing other vehicles to swerve to miss them and cause a collision as a result. Another dangerous practice that motorcycles may perform is lane splitting, or when the driver steers their bike between lanes to get through traffic faster. This is especially dangerous at high speeds, and is illegal in most states. Also, a motorcycle could get caught in another vehicle’s blind spot, which can cause an accident if both the driver and the passenger car’s driver is not keenly aware of their surroundings. A motorcycle operator needs to be aware that in certain circumstances, other drivers may not see them in time to move.

Consequences Of An Accident

In many cases, it does not matter if it is the motorcycle operator’s fault or another driver’s fault, the riders on the bike are more likely to suffer more physical damage and injury. In a passenger car, the driver and anyone else riding inside is protected by the size and weight of the car or truck. Motorcyclists have far less protection. Even if the driver and riders are wearing proper headgear and protective clothing, serious injury or death can still be the result of an accident. This means that all parties involved in the aftermath must be extra vigilant when determining who is at fault for the accident. Serious  injuries do not necessarily mean that someone had no fault in causing the collision. Making sure that all witnesses are interviewed and all facts considered is one of the best ways to make sure the responsible party is actually the one at-fault for the accident. 

Seek Legal Help

Whether you were in a passenger car or on a motorcycle, it is important in the aftermath of an accident to get in touch with a personal injury attorney to help you sort through the situation. You may need their help to deal with insurance companies or attorneys hired by others affected in the crash. All motor vehicle accidents can be complicated, but there are many factors to consider when both a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle is involved. 

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