Parsippany Bus Crash Kills 1, Injures 36

January 31, 2019

bus accident lawyer morristown njAt about 7:30 p.m. on January 24, 2019, a bus driving east on Route 80 hit the median and went airborne. When it landed, it crashed into three passenger cars. As a result of this horrible bus accident, one person was killed and at least thirty-six people were injured, two of them critically. The fatality has been identified as a college student who was returning home to see her family. As of this writing, the police are still investigating the cause of this horrible accident.

According to the federal government, in 2005-2006, about 5 percent of large vehicle accidents included buses nationwide. In NJ, this number was 14 percent. A government report for North Jersey for that two-year period, reported 39 bus crashes in that area that caused serious injuries. Once such accident actually involved two buses.

The study found that in roughly half of those accidents (19 of 40) the bus driver or bus company was at least somewhat to blame. The reasons for this included:

  • Driving over the speed limit or faster than the road conditions dictated
  • Driving illegally (such as making an illegal left hand turn)
  • Crossing into a third lane when changing lanes
  • Driver inattention (cell phones have made this a more common issue)
  • Following too close
  • Failure of brakes

Because they travel with many passengers and can cause such human harm, bus companies must adhere to higher standards than other vehicle owners. Bus owners are required to keep their buses working well to protect the safety of passengers and the public at large.

Finally, victims of bus accidents often suffer the following injuries:

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