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What Are the Most Common Safety Violations at Construction Sites?

June 8, 2020


Construction sites are among the most dangerous workplaces in the country. Construction workers should expect that every safety precaution is taken on site. However, due to carelessness or recklessness, safety violations occur on construction sites that put workers at risk of entirely preventable accidents. 

Laws and regulations have been put into place to try to create safe work environments for construction workers. These laws and regulations have prevented many injuries and saved many workers’ lives, so when a construction company violates safety protocols, they put construction workers at risk of injury or death. When you or a loved one are injured due to a safety violation on a construction site, you may be entitled to compensation or other legal rights for your injuries and damages.

Below are a few of the most common construction site safety violations that put construction workers at risk of injury.

Fall Protection

Violating fall protection requirements is the most common cause of construction site accidents; not surprisingly, it is also one of the most commonly cited violations. Construction companies are required to provide employees working at heights with fall protection systems strong enough to support the weight of any worker and protect them from open sides and edges. 

Fall protection violations most frequently occur on scaffolding; scaffolding accidents injure thousands of construction workers every year. However, fall protection violations can also occur with openings in floors, from roofs, and from ladders. In particular, construction workers must be trained in the safe use of portable ladders.

On-Site Communication

Construction sites are busy, chaotic places. This makes it critical that hazards and dangerous conditions are appropriately communicated to all workers on site. In particular, safety violations occur when construction companies fail to communicate to their workers about the use of hazardous chemicals and materials on site and fail to train workers in the safe handling and use of these materials (including advising workers about the risks and consequences of not following proper handling procedures).

Electrical Systems

A construction site may be littered with electrical wires and power cords. When live wires and cords are not properly insulated and grounded, it poses a risk of electrocution to workers who may inadvertently come into contact with live wires or who may not appreciate the danger of a wire or cord they are about to handle. Electrocution places workers at risk of catastrophic injury or even death. As a result, electrical system violations are among the most commonly cited construction site safety violations and tend to result in serious fines for construction site operators.

Respiratory Hazards

Construction sites are filled with dust, dirt, vapors, fumes, and other substances that are hazardous for a person to inhale. As a result, construction companies are obligated to provide their workers with appropriate masks or respirators to protect them from hazardous airborne materials. Of course, different masks and respirators are designed to filter out different airborne materials, so employers must be sure that workers have the appropriate respiratory protection depending on the work being performed and the potential hazards that might be in the air.

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