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Is it Worth Getting a Car Accident Lawyer in NJ?

December 21, 2021

Car accidents are scary, dangerous, and can have implications for years to come. When a negligent driver has hit you, it is vital to hire Hoyt & Hoyt as your car accident lawyer from this point forward. While you don’t typically need a lawyer to represent you in court, hiring us as your experienced car accident lawyer in NJ offers many benefits.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in NJ

1. Recover Appropriate Compensation for Damages

It’s no secret that people who are represented by a lawyer are more likely to recover damages in car accident cases. That’s because lawyers understand how the system works after years of law school and professional experience. Hoyt & Hoyt will help you navigate your case to ensure you receive the compensation and justice you deserve.

2. Provide Expert Advice

Whether you are talking with insurance companies or an opposing party, we’ll help direct you through each step of the settlement process and ensure you become your most powerful tool in advocating your case. Sometimes simple statements made in good faith can have a devastating impact on a legal case. Hoyt & Hoyt can advise you on what to say, and we’ll speak on your behalf to people looking for a statement.

3. Fully Investigate Your Case

The great thing about enlisting Hoyt & Hoyt as your car accident lawyer is that we provide invaluable investigation for your case. We’ll carefully review expert witnesses, video and traffic cameras, and essential documentation. We will also locate and interview witnesses to ensure your case is strong. Another benefit we offer is our ability to investigate an opposing party and identify cross-examination topics. This evidence might be pivotal in winning and recovering the maximum amount of money in your case.

4. Negotiate Settlements

It can be hard to negotiate a settlement on your own for several reasons. That’s why it’s essential to have Hoyt & Hoyt by your side to ensure you recover appropriate and just compensation. We’ll provide valuable perspective on whether a settlement is reasonable or unreasonable based on our years of experience.

5. We Fight for You

The ultimate benefit of hiring Hoyt & Hoyt as your car accident lawyer in NJ is that we’ll fight for you each step of the way. By retaining us as your lawyer, you’ll feel at ease knowing we’re your biggest advocate and defender. You won’t need to worry about being alone in the courtroom because you’ll always have us on your side and looking out for you to ensure you receive justice.

Skilled & Expert Car Accident Lawyer in New Jersey

If you’re deciding whether to hire a car accident lawyer in NJ, Hoyt & Hoyt is ready to help you achieve the justice and compensation you deserve. We understand the complexities of car accident litigation because we have been doing it for years. Tell us what happened at (973) 490-4844.

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