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How Do Mistakes with Anesthesia Happen?

December 9, 2019


Filing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit After an Anesthesia Error

If an anesthesiologist makes a mistake while administering anesthesia to a patient, that patient could possibly go on and file a medical malpractice suit against the anesthesiologist. The victim will usually have a claim if he or she had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia or did not receive the proper dosage of it during a procedure. Each situation is different, but anesthesiologists do have an important job that involves making sure the patient is receiving the correct dose of anesthesia throughout a procedure, even if it takes hours to complete.

Lack of Attention 

There are times when an anesthesiologist is not paying close enough attention to the patient. If the patient is not being monitored while under anesthesia, all kinds of problems can arise and different things can go wrong, such as the patient not breathing. In some cases, patients have woken up during the procedure only to start panicking and experiencing a lot of pain. When an error is made, the patient does have the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Patients that have these unfortunate experiences will usually hire an attorney to represent them while they file a lawsuit against the anesthesiologist as well as the hospital where the procedure was performed.

Choosing the Wrong Dosage

Some errors are caused by an improper anesthesia dosage. If the patient does not receive enough of the anesthesia, he or she could wake up in the middle of it or attempt to move. If the patient gets too much anesthesia, it could cause damage to the individual’s respiratory system while making it difficult for that patient to get up from the deep sleep that he or she is in. Tragically, people have died because of improper dosage of anesthesia.

Poor Judgment Call

The anesthesiologist needs to take several things into consideration before deciding on the type of anesthesia and the dosage amount for the patient. The patient’s weight, age, and medical history are all considered beforehand. If an anesthesiologist makes a poor judgment call by choosing the wrong medication to use or the wrong dosage amount to administer to a patient, organ damage can develop, causing plenty of future health problems for the patient.

Additional Errors

Different types of errors can occur during a procedure. The anesthesiologist may put off giving the medication until a later time for some reason, causing the patient to experience a lot of excruciating pain. If the anesthesiologist does not notice that the patient is having an allergic reaction, he or she could cause the patient to experience even more discomfort. If the incorrect medication or dosage is delivered to the patient, the patient could suffer from various health problems, including organ damage and respiratory issues.

When a patient agrees to receive anesthesia for a procedure, that patient is trusting in the medical professionals, including the anesthesiologists and the surgeons. The patient is not going to expect that something will go wrong when trained and experienced medical professionals are by his or her side. Unfortunately, things can go wrong. If an anesthesiologist makes a mistake, it could cause harm to the patient. The patient should hire a lawyer to discuss the possibility of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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