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Have a NJ Personal Injury Claim? Get Justice with Hoyt & Hoyt

June 8, 2021

unexpected injuryHave you suffered from an unexpected injury after an avoidable accident in New Jersey? Do you think that accident was someone else’s fault?

If so, you may have a New Jersey personal injury claim.

A personal injury claim arises from the negligence of another. Sometimes this takes the form of a distracted driver that causes an accident, an employer that has not taken adequate precautions to prevent an employee’s harm, or a doctor that commits malpractice. It can even be from a defective or poorly designed product or from falling in a grocery store. The fact is that personal injury claims can arise from any number of situations, and each claim is unique and different in its own way. Despite this, the core claim is always that you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, and as a result, you have suffered some loss, whether financial or otherwise.

How Hoyt & Hoyt Helps You Get Justice for Your NJ Personal Injury Claim

If you think you have a New Jersey personal injury claim, you should immediately reach out to Hoyt & Hoyt for expert legal advice. We can help get you the justice you deserve after the unjust suffering you have endured.

We understand that your injury may be affecting your livelihood, your family’s wellbeing, and your future. We also understand that insurance companies are all too often reluctant to compensate victims at a reasonable amount for their injuries. Hoyt & Hoyt is trained to maximize victim recovery by negotiating with insurance companies and filing lawsuits to get you justice.

Attorney Jack Hoyt: Super Lawyer in New Jersey

Mr. Hoyt is a graduate of the Harvard Law School Negotiation Project and is recognized as a master negotiator. He has over twenty years of experience representing insurance companies. Today, he has moved across the aisle to represent those who have been injured. This experience means that he understands how insurance companies attempt to minimize the payout to injured parties and the techniques they use to avoid paying claims. Valuable insider knowledge of this sort is beneficial for clients of Hoyt & Hoyt, as it puts them in a position to receive unparalleled advice that will help yield more favorable results.

You can rest assured your best interests and rights will be represented. Jack Hoyt is recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a certified trial attorney and named in the top 5% of New Jersey attorneys by Super Lawyers for 2006, 2008–2021.

Experience Streamlining the Legal Process

Furthermore, Hoyt & Hoyt has experience streamlining the legal process to get you justice as quickly as possible. We understand that you cannot wait any longer to get the compensation you need and deserve. As a result, we are not looking to drag out a lengthy legal process that results in higher legal bills and a further loss of your time. Our goal is to get you fair compensation and justice in an expeditious manner.

Tell Hoyt & Hoyt About Your NJ Personal Injury Claim

Hoyt & Hoyt is steps above other New Jersey personal injury attorneys in New Jersey because of our experience and dedication to our clients. We are always available to help advise you on the next step towards recovery. Though we understand that money cannot always fix every problem, we will always work towards getting you the justice you deserve.

Contact Hoyt & Hoyt at (973) 490-4844 about your NJ personal injury claim today.

FAQs About Personal Injury Representation

Q. Do you always file suit against the person who caused an injury or is there some other way to handle it?

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