Car Insurance Rates Higher than Ever as the Number of Cars and Distractions on the Road Rise

April 20, 2018

Car Accident Distracted Driver NJ LawyerIf your car insurance bill seems higher than ever, you are not alone. The average rate for car insurance has risen 20% since 2011. While the percentage varies from state to state, they all have a few things in common for as to why these increased rates have become the norm. With more vehicles being out on the road, so with it, are the number of distracted drivers. Increases like these have proven to lead to more car accidents, meaning it’s not hard to see why this surge in car insurance rates has occurred.

The economy finally seems like it is starting to recover, with increased jobs and lower gas prices here to prove it. Due to these, however, more people have the option of purchasing a car as well as driving one and being out on the road. Statistically, it would only make sense that the more automobiles out on the road mean the more accidents that could possibly occur. It is with this type of thinking that insurance companies have used this opportunity to charge more for a driver to be insured. This is clearly the case in more urban areas, as normally the higher the volume of drivers in the area the more car insurance will cost.

Advancement in Technologies Mean Higher Insurance Rates

In addition, the new and more computerized features on vehicles that we’re seeing in 2018, also increase the current value of these cars. As the technology becomes greater so does the monetary amount of the vehicle. As this technology grows, the insurance you need to buy to protect it will grow as well. This is not just because of the new aspects that are now available on vehicles. This is also because new gadgets mean new distractions for drivers and as the number of distractions increase, the number you will have to pay to be insured also increases. All of these factors have led to this escalation for everyone’s car insurance rates, and like it or not, this is not a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

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